Christmas Event 2022 Resolution

The Christmas Cake

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  • Thank you for playing the event! I hope you've enjoyed it, and that you'll play again next year!
  • If you have any feedback or questions about anything, please contact me either on Discord (@gertas, come to the GameTora Discord server), or send an email to [email protected].
  • You have infinite attempts to solve the puzzle, but you need to select everything correctly to proceed.

Ino's Christmas Puzzle Extraordinaire

Hello hello again, everyone!
The challengers have completed all their tasks, except for the final one.
Will they answer the last puzzle correctly and dine on cake, or fail and go hungry?
Tora, no pressure or anything, but I'm so hungry that I'll chew your ear if you get it wrong. And I mean literally.
Knowing Ino's devotion to the act, there really won't be any cake if you fail.
No worries, I think we got this.
Yeah, don't underestimate us! We're pretty sure that...

Input the solution

Assign the correct item and place for each of the rooms.
Mimi + Saruha
Ryuuko + Ushiko
Inuko + Hitsuji
Koma + Ino
Not yet attempted

Puzzle Maestro

  • This part will unlock after solving the normal mode puzzle, and unlocking the hard mode.
  • If you want the "Chocolate Bunny" Discord flair for hard mode solvers, send me the code that you'll get after solving the puzzle (@gertas on Discord)
  • There's no time limit to submit the answers this time. Feel free to take your time if you want to.
Not yet unlocked.

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