GameTora 2022 Christmas Event

Info & rules

  • This is a small, for-fun-only event that I've prepared. Same as last year, expect a mix of puzzles and a lighthearted story.
  • The event is an original story and is a continuation of the story from the last year (it's fine if you haven't played that one). Feel free to share the event with your friends, if you think they would like it!
  • A new puzzle will be unlocked every day for a week. By solving these puzzles, you will get fragments of a bigger puzzle.
  • The puzzles will generally be on the easier side. If you want something more challenging, there is a hard mode as well.
  • Please note that no puzzles will require the use of dev tools. If you wanna spoil yourself by datamining the scripts, that's on you, but it's never the intended solution.
  • Thank you for playing and have fun!

> Event intro