Puzzle Five (Hard mode)

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(The next day, Nene enters the guest room again.)
(Usa is sitting next to the bed, reading a book.)
You're late. I have other puzzles to run, you know.
Oh, sorry about that. I didn't think you'd actually be personally waiting for me here.
Wait, other puzzles? You mean Ryuuko's version of the treasure hunt?
Yup. Both of the hunts should be finished today, if everything goes well.
Then let's get to it!
Great, please sit next to me then.


Puzzle #5: Memory Leak

  • This is a memory game. You must select the correct card (with a picture of Ryuuko) 15 times in a row.
  • If you select the correct card, the game will move to the next round. If you select a wrong card, you will get a hint instead (and the game will end).
  • Each round has its own rule about which card has the picture. Sometimes, it will always be in the same place, sometimes the position can change. The hints will tell you more.
  • Since this is a memory game, it's balanced around not taking any notes and just using your memory.


Solve the puzzle to unlock