The Lucky Puzzle (Hard mode)

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(Nene is in front of the guest room at four sharp. As she's about to open the door, Ryuuko arrives as well.)
Mmm? Nene? What are you doing here?
Going to hunt for some treasure.
We're playing the same game, if I understand things right.
Oh, you're playing Usa-chan's treasure hunt, too?
Well then, let's head inside I guess?
(The two girls enter the guest room. Usa is sitting on the floor.)
Welcome, girls.
You're very near the treasure now. But before you can try opening it, one more puzzle lies in both of your ways.


Puzzle #7: A Little Treat

  • A classic nonogram!
  • Clicking the boxes will switch between a solution and a dot mark.
  • The pre-filled dot marks signify that the box is not a part of the solution (equivalent to a cross (x) in some nonogram games).
  • Mouse users can also use the middle mouse button (to mark a solution directly) and a right mouse button (to do a dot mark directly)


Solve the puzzle to unlock