Puzzle π (Hard mode)

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(I'm sure Usa-chan wouldn't just break into her room, so Hitsuji must know about the game.)
(Nene knocks on the door of Hitsuji's and Inuko's room. Inuko is out at the moment.)
Hello, Nene-chan, what brings you here?
Hey, 'tsuji. I'll get straight to the point, I'll buy you a box of chocolates if you give me five minutes alone with your table.
(That's a new approach!)
My table is not that cheap. We want at least twice that.
Okay, deal.
Let me know when you're done with the puzzle~


Puzzle #H-3: Big Little Fires

  • This type of puzzle is known as "Akari" (or "Light Up").
  • Clicking on an empty spot will place a candle in that cell.
  • A candle will light up other cells horizontally and vertically as far as it can. Solid blocks will stop the light.
  • The goal is to light up the entire grid.
  • Candles cannot shine light on each other. E.g., you can't have two candles in one row (unless there's a solid block separating them).
  • Some of the solid blocks have a number on them. The number signifies the number of candles that block must be surrounded with (horizontally or vertically, candles place diagonally don't count).
  • There is a single solution to each puzzle.
  • Clicking twice will mark the spot with an X. If you're using mouse, right-clicking clears any symbols from the cell.

Puzzle 1

Puzzle 2

  • Puzzle 1
  • Puzzle 2


Solve the puzzle to unlock