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Monthly Match Event

In the Monthly Match event, you will face a selection of five races in the different categories of Short-, Mile-, Medium-, Long-Distance as well as Dirt, all of which will have different parameters. These parameters will additionally change every week of the event's four-week duration.

As of writing this guide on March 4, 2024, the version currently being held is considered to be a "Beta Version" by Cygames. This means that future iterations of this event may include considerable changes.

Race and Class System

The way this event works is relatively simple. As previously mentioned, you are given a selection of so-called Regular Races in five categories whose parameters will change every week. Participating in these races costs RP, but the first three participations each weekday, and the first five participations each weekend day, do not consume any.

Each of these races features an independent Class level, which can be raised by gathering Class Points in the respective Regular Races. Class levels range from 1 through 10, and you will be awarded a variety of items depending on your level. These rewards are, however, not awarded for each category, but based on your highest level across all of them.

Given that only the highest of your Class levels matters for rewards in this event, you can choose to only participate in the categories (or category) in which you can train your strongest horsegirls. Of course, you can also try to dominate all of them instead.

Additionally, there are a few more details to consider for participating in Regular Races:

  • Distance aptitude for the corresponding race distance of all horsegirls is raised to S if it's already A
  • Motivation is fixed to the maximum in Class 8 and above, but random if below
  • The ability to use race items is disabled in Class 8 and above, but is available below
  • Losing races in Class level 7 or above will lose you Class points (no deranking possible)

The weekly Regular Race change will occur each Monday at 5 AM JST. Alongside the race parameters changing, any of your Class levels above 7 will additionally be reset back to 7, and you will be able to receive the Class level rewards for reaching 8 through 10 once again.

Here is a table for how many Class Points are required to reach each level:

ClassClass Points
10 pt
2200 pt
3400 pt
4600 pt
5800 pt
61000 pt
71200 pt
81400 pt
91600 pt
101800 pt

The higher your Class level, the fewer mobs and more player-trained horsegirls you will face in your races.

Class 1 will present you with G+ rank mobs only, but as you raise your Class level this number will go down. Races in Class 5 and onward consist of only player-trained horsegirl opponents.

Naturally, this means the higher your Class level gets, the stronger opponents you face. Sometimes you will be offered a Class Point bonus for simply placing higher than them that is fulfilled regardless of if you win the race itself.

Weekend Challenges

Each weekend during the event duration, starting on Saturday at 5 AM JST, the Weekend Challenges await.

Participating in Regular Races during these will net you Weekend Points in addition to the usual Class Points, which will allow you to gain even more rewards for every 100 Weekend Points.

The number of Weekend points (and thus additional rewards) you can earn is capped by your currently highest Class level and can be raised by increasing your highest Class level further.

Finale Race

On the last weekend of a Monthly Match's event duration, the Finale Race will take place. To participate, you must reach a Class level of 2 or higher in any of the categories before this race. This race will have the parameters of the race category you had the highest overall Class level in during this last week and can only be done once in total.

If there are any ties, e.g. you have Class level 10 in two categories, the game will randomly choose one among these for the Finale Race. Additionally, no Regular Races and Weekend Challenges will be available during the Finale Race.

Just like with Regular Races, there are a few additional details that play into the Finale Race:

  • Distance aptitude for the corresponding race distance of all horsegirls is raised to S if it is already A
  • Motivation of all horsegirls is fixed to the maximum
  • Race items are disabled

Your rewards in the Finale Race depend on both your highest Class level before it, and your placement in the race itself. Even with the worst outcome, you are still guaranteed 200 Jewels plus one Gold and one Rainbow Limit Break Fragment, so you do not need to worry too much. In the best case, you will be awarded 700 Jewels plus two Gold and Rainbow Limit Break Fragments each.

The dividing line between receiving one or two of each fragment type is reaching Class level 7 in any category, independent of position in the Finale Race, so it's a good idea to try and reach this level at the very least.

Additional Borrow Slot

During the duration of a Monthly Match, in addition to all of the above races being held, you will be able to borrow one more support card for free during training, independent of the normal borrow slot. The set and limit break level of support cards you will be able to borrow is predetermined, but you may freely choose from any of the given options.

This additional borrow can be used three times a day, refreshing at 5 AM JST.

In the below image, you can see the normal borrow slot ("Friend Slot") with a pink border, and the event-specific borrow slot ("Rental Slot") with a blue border. The uses of the Friend slot and the Rental slot are independent of one another.

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