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Aoharu Hai Scenario
Champions Meeting
Uma Musume Guide For Absolute Beginners
Inheritance Guide
Team Stadium (PvP) Scoring System

GameTora Changelog

2022-01-15 Update
Added a Nicknames page
Added a nickname details tooltip for missions which require obtaining a specific nickname
Added two missing conditions to the Skill Condition Viewer (distance_diff_top and distance_rate_after_random)
Added a "Circle Missions" section to the Daily Missions page
Added a fifth date event to R friend supports to reflect the in-game changes
In selection modals (such as "Select a support"), any previous text in the input field will now be automatically selected when reopening the modal (allowing to start typing without having to delete the text first)
Fixed an issue where some items in the Item List didn't have any description
Fixed an issue where 1400 m races were treated as mile (instead of short distance) in the Race Scheduler
2022-01-11 Update
Added new data from today's content update (3 support cards, 3 skills, 2 items, 4 titles)
2021-12-31 Update
Added new data from today's content update (2 characters, 3 supports, 6 skills, 1 title)
Added a page for the Blossoming New Year's Karuta Contest Story Event
2021-12-22 Update
Added new data from today's content update (Tamamo Cross, Silence Suzuka support card, 10 skills, 6 titles)

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