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Jun 30, 2022, 2:59 AM
Jun 30, 2022, 2:59 AM

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Aoharu Hai Scenario
Make a New Track Scenario
Champions Meeting
Uma Musume Guide For Absolute Beginners
Inheritance Guide
Team Stadium (PvP) Scoring System
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GameTora Changelog

2022-06-20 Update
The Taiwanese server data are now available
It is now possible to freely switch between the available servers in the English version of Uma Musume on GameTora
The top right settings button now also allows to change the Uma Musume server
2022-06-20 Localization update
Uma Musume on GameTora is now available in Korean at /ko/umamusume
Server support
The Korean server data are now available at /ko/umamusume
Other changes
Added new data from today's content update (Sweep Tosho, 2 supports, 3 skills, 1 nickname, 5 titles)
Changed the top right button which used to switch light/dark themes into a popup settings menu where both theme and language can be changed
Character, support, skill, and race lists are now filterable by their English, Japanese, or Korean names interchangeably on any language version of the website
Fixed an issue where the cookie banner would sometimes become unresponsive
2022-06-10 Update
Added new data from today's content update (Inari One, 1 item, 2 skills, 1 nickname, 9 titles)
Fixed an issue in the Champions Meeting history where instead of the event start date, the final round start date was shown
2022-05-30 Update
Added new data from today's content update (2 characters, 3 supports, 4 skills, 1 title)
Secret events for characters are now about 95% done

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The Taiwanese server version is now supported! Use the top-right settings button to change server.
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Sweep Tosho
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