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U.A.F. Ready GO! Scenario

By robflop & Gertas
Created on 2024-02-24

Table of Contents

Basic Information

U.A.F. Ready GO! -Sparkling Athletes- (for short: U.A.F.) is the seventh permanent training scenario introduced to the game. It was released on February 24, 2024.

As with other scenarios, it builds on the game's core mechanics, so this guide will assume you have a basic understanding of how to play. If you do not, or you'd like a refresher, please read the Beginner's Guide before proceeding with this guide.

The Umamusume Athletic Festival, U.A.F. for short, is a comprehensive sports tournament spanning a grand total of 15 disciplines. Planned and hosted by the passionate yet cool-headed producer Tsurugi Ryoka (都留岐涼花, VA: Rina Sato), it is the culmination of competitive sport for Umamusume.

Its concept was inspired by the always energetic athlete Umatuber Sonon Elfie (ソノンエルフィー, VA: Ami Koshimizu), who also assists Ryoka in promoting and managing the festival.

Tosen Jordan, Narita Top Road, Mejiro Ryan, Winning Ticket, Yaeno Muteki, and the new NPC character Tsurugi Ryoka are scenario-linked for the U.A.F. scenario.

Using support cards of linked characters will increase the number of discipline levels you can gain in a turn. Training a scenario-linked playable character will provide a +3 boost to all stats rewarded after each U.A.F tournament part (i.e., a total of +15 to all stats).

The scenario link of Tsurugi Ryoka's support cards will additionally increase the discipline level of every discipline by one for each of her dates.

Character-specific (hidden) events can trigger normally in this scenario, including character-specific bad condition triggers, and any of the events that award the skill.

Sports Disciplines (Training Facilities) and their Levels

In the U.A.F. scenario, the usual training facilities (Speed, Stamina, Power, Guts, and Wisdom) are replaced by a variety of 15 different sports disciplines. Only five disciplines are available at any given time, and this set is randomized at the beginning of every turn.

Each sport is additionally part of one of three genres:

  • Sphere (「スフィア」, blue button, moving ball icon)
  • Fight (「ファイト」, red button, two fists clashing icon)
  • Free (「フリー」, yellow button, building blocks icon)

Each genre has five disciplines, one for each of the five traditional facility types (Speed, Stamina, Power, Guts, and Wisdom). You can think of the disciplines as variations of the usual facilities.

Machine Gun Receive
God-speed Karate
Hyper Jump
Hell Swim Shoot
Push the Rock
Hang Climb
Mountain Dunk
Harite Pile
Dynamic Hammer
Unlimited Lifting
Gigantic Throw
Like a Submarine
Snipe Ball
Sonic Fencing
Acrobat Arrow

Apart from a few exceptions, a discipline will award the same stat combination as the training facility it's replacing. For example, the Sphere genre discipline taking the place of the Speed Facility (called Machine Gun Receive) will still give Speed, Power, and SP.

The values awarded by specific disciplines are listed in the Base Training Values section.

Discipline, Genre, and Facility Levels

In the U.A.F. scenario, each discipline has a separate discipline level that will rise whenever you train the discipline. Raising its level makes the discipline give bonus rewards for the remainder of the training run. The maximum level is 100.

Each genre also has its own genre level. Whenever you train a discipline, its associated genre's level will rise as well. Genre levels give extra bonuses to training of any of its disciplines. As there are five disciplines per genre, each capping at level 100, the genre level caps at 500 with all its disciplines maxed.

The usual facility level is not used anywhere in the scenario, but it's still calculated for the purposes of support cards with effects that scale with it. The facility level is based on the level of the discipline that's currently in its spot.

Discipline LevelFacility Level

Resting, racing, or going on an outing will boost the discipline level increase by 3 in the next turn. This effect does not stack if you rest, race, or go on an outing multiple times in a row.

You can see how much the levels will rise before confirming by looking at the orange number displayed on the top left of the discipline button.

When you select a discipline of a genre that offers multiple disciplines in the current turn (e.g., there are 3 Sphere disciplines available and you pick one of them), a so-called "Link Training" (リンクトレーニング) will occur. Every discipline that's a part of this will have a small yellow arrow pointing up with the text 「リンク」 (i.e. "Link") displayed below its button.

Link Training gives a boost to the stats you'll receive from the training, and increases the levels of all linked disciplines, not just the chosen one. In the above example, the other two Sphere disciplines would be linked, and have their level increased as well.

When performing Link Training, the level of the associated genre will rise by the sum of the levels gained on each linked discipline. In the earlier example, since the disciplines had their level raised by 5, 4 and 4, the corresponding genre level will then rise by 13.

At the threshold of every 50 levels in one genre (i.e., level 50, 100, 150, …), a so-called Heat-Up Effect (ヒートアップ効果) will trigger. These effects differ by genre, but they all grant special training bonuses for two training turns. These bonuses apply to all disciplines, regardless of genre. Turns in which you do not do any training (resting, racing, etc.) are excluded from the count.

If you reach the thresholds for more than one genre at the same time, it's possible to have multiple heat-up effects active simultaneously. Additionally, if you manage to reach another threshold of the same genre while the first Heat-Up Effect is still active, the turns will stack.

Here's a list of what genre causes which Heat-Up Effect:

  • Sphere raises the stat and skill point gain of all disciplines, based on the genre's level
  • Fight raises the main stat gain of all disciplines, based on how many disciplines are participating in a Link Training
  • Free increases the occurrence rate of support card hints, and allows you to gain up to two skill hints per training


If you don't like the genre spread of your assigned disciplines, you can use the Consultation (相談) feature to call on Sonon Elfie a limited number of times, allowing you to exchange all disciplines of a chosen genre for the corresponding disciplines of another genre.

You can't select individual disciplines, and all disciplines of the selected genre will be changed.

As an example, let's say you have a turn with three Fight disciplines and two Sphere disciplines, but you'd like to have five Spheres. In this case, you could consult with Elfie to change all Fight disciplines into their respective Sphere counterparts, allowing you to perform a much stronger Link Training than you would've been able to before.

You'll be given a preview of the result, with the current distribution being displayed on top, and the post-consultation distribution on the bottom.

Consultation uses one charge. You start with 3 charges, and get a refill back to 3 after the debut race, and after each U.A.F. tournament part. If you have any charges remaining before a refill, they will be lost. Consultation can be used multiple times in one turn.

To consult with Elfie, either press the main screen button labeled 「相談」 located between the Outing and Race button, or the training screen button that's located right below the genre level counter.

The U.A.F. Tournament and the Tournament Expectation Gauge

The Uma Musume Athletic Festival, held in parallel to the usual races you will be participating in, is divided into three parts:

  • The "Test Stage", conducted as your very first athletic event
  • Three qualifier matches, referred to as "Trials"
  • The culmination of the U.A.F., called the "Showdown"

To achieve overall victory in the U.A.F., you will have to successfully fight your way through its intermediate parts. In each of them, you will compete in all 15 disciplines.

Based on how many disciplines you win, you will receive a permanent Training Bonus boost. This bonus is separated by genre, and the number of victories is cumulative across the run.

1~4Training Bonus +1%
5~9Training Bonus +3%
10~14Training Bonus +7%
15~19Training Bonus +12%
20~25Training Bonus +17%

For example:

  • In the Test Stage, you win 5 Sphere disciplines, 1 Fight discipline, and 0 Free disciplines
  • In the first qualifier, you win 5 Sphere disciplines, 4 Fight disciplines, and 1 Free discipline
  • In total, you have 10 Sphere wins, 5 Fight wins, and 1 Free win
  • Your results would currently give you 7% from Sphere, 3% from Fight, and 1% from Free, for a total of 11% Training Bonus

During the 6 months (i.e. 12 turns) between each of the tournament parts, you will be able to build up a separate Tournament Expectation Gauge. This gauge, positioned above the genre level summary, will fill up when you raise the levels of the various disciplines, and is meant to be an indicator of how well you will perform in the next tournament part.

To raise the gauge to its maximum, increase the level of at least 12 disciplines to 10/20/30/40/50 or above for each part of the tournament respectively. Being at this threshold or higher will give you a good chance of winning the respective discipline in the next tournament section.

You can also see a counter for how many turns are left until the next U.A.F. tournament right below the normal training objective counter.

The Test Stage will take place in Late December of the Junior year (23 turns after the training run starts). Afterwards, you will face the three Trials in a 6-month interval.


  • The first trial is in Late June of the Classics year
  • The second trial is in Late December of the Classics year
  • The third trial is in Late June of the Senior year

Finally, six months after the last Trial, in Late December of the Senior year, the Showdown will take place.

After carrying out each part, you will be shown a results screen of which disciplines you won, and which you did not. Your victory chances depend on the discipline's respective level.

By winning at least 12 disciplines in one of these tournament parts, you will be able to achieve overall victory (総合優勝) in it. Achieving these victories in the sub-tournaments is key to the scenario's overall victory condition.

Character Objectives

In the U.A.F. scenario, every character follows their own race objective schedule. You will be participating in the U.A.F. tournament parts every 6 months starting from Late December of the Junior year, but these do not obstruct or modify any normal objectives.

Skill Evolution and Scenario-specific Skills

The U.A.F. scenario's special evolution skills are the following:

  • (evolved from )
  • (evolved from )
  • (evolved from )
  • (evolved from )
  • (evolved from )
  • (evolved from )
  • (evolved from )

You can pick two of these evolutions at the end of the run, if you've learned their base rare skill during the training. These evolutions are exclusive to this scenario, and can be accessed regardless of what character you are training.

The evolution requirement for the , , and skills is the same, which is achieving overall victory in all of the U.A.F. tournament parts.

To evolve to the and skills, you will have to win the U.A.F. Showdown (the final tournament) and learn two Medium-distance skills.

The and skills also require winning the U.A.F. Showdown, but you have to learn two Mile-distance skills instead.

Aside from the two scenario-bound evolutions, all characters may evolve their respective awakening rare skills through their usual conditions, resulting in a total of 4 possible skill evolutions per run. There are no alternative scenario-specific evolution conditions for the normal character evolutions.

As for scenario-specific skills, you can get hints for both the and skills during the end-of-run training events. The hint reward is triggered by winning the U.A.F. Showdown, while the normal rarity hint will be awarded on loss instead.

Additionally, you can gain a level 1 hint for the skill in Late December of the Senior year if you achieve overall victory in all 5 of the U.A.F.'s tournament parts, as well as a seemingly guaranteed hint for the skill in Late August of the Senior year.

Base Training Values

As explained in previous sections, the training facilities in the U.A.F. scenario are replaced with sports disciplines. Each of the usual facilities (like Speed) has three alternatives it can be replaced with, one for each discipline genre.

As a result of this, there will be three tables for base training values. For the sake of clarity, we will list both the name of the discipline and what facility the training would normally be in.

For example, instead of only listing "Machine Gun Receive" in the Sphere genre table, the list will say "Speed (Machine Gun Receive)".


DisciplineStat gainsEnergy
Speed (Machine Gun Receive)+12 Speed, +1 Power, +6 SP-15
Stamina (Hell Swim Shoot)+11 Stamina, +2 Guts, +6 SP-15
Power (Mountain Dunk)+2 Stamina, +11 Power, +6 SP-15
Guts (Unlimited Lifting)+1 Speed, +1 Power, +12 Guts, +6 SP-15
Wisdom (Snipe Ball)+2 Speed, +11 Wisdom, +6 SP-15


DisciplineStat gainsEnergy
Speed (God-speed Karate)+8 Speed, +1 Power, +10 SP-15
Stamina (Push the Rock)+7 Stamina, +2 Guts, +10 SP-15
Power (Harite Pile)+2 Stamina, +7 Power, +10 SP-15
Guts (Gigantic Throw)+1 Speed, +1 Power, +8 Guts, +10 SP-15
Wisdom (Sonic Fencing)+2 Speed, +5 Wisdom, +10 SP-15


DisciplineStat gainsEnergy
Speed (Hyper Jump)+14 Speed, +1 Power, +4 SP-15
Stamina (Hang Climb)+1 Speed, +10 Stamina, +2 Guts, +6 SP-15
Power (Dynamic Hammer)+1 Speed, +2 Stamina, +10 Power, +6 SP-15
Guts (Like a Submarine)+2 Speed, +1 Power, +12 Guts, +5 SP-15
Wisdom (Acrobat Arrow)+4 Speed, +10 Wisdom, +5 SP-15

Unique Skill Level-Ups

The mechanic for leveling up your character's unique skill in the U.A.F. scenario is the same as in the URA Finals scenario, with all checkpoints being in the Senior (i.e. third) year:

  • 60.000 fans by Valentine's Day (Early February)
  • 70.000 fans by the Fan Appreciation Festival (Early April)
  • 120.000 fans by Christmas (Late December)

For characters with high dirt aptitude but low turf aptitude (such as Haru Urara or Smart Falcon), these values are lowered to 40.000, 60.000, and 80.000, respectively.

The April level-up also requires a green bond gauge (3 bars) with chairman Akikawa.

Scenario Factors

The U.A.F. scenario features three base scenario factors, one for each discipline genre. All of them are available in the usual 1-3 star variants.

  • U.A.F. Scenario: Sphere (「U.A.F.シナリオ・スフィア」) gives Speed and SP
  • U.A.F. Scenario: Fight (「U.A.F.シナリオ・ファイト」) gives Power and SP
  • U.A.F. Scenario: Free (「U.A.F.シナリオ・フリー」) gives Guts and SP

They also feature an additional effect - if you trigger all three of them during one of the two inheritance events of a run, you'll be awarded a hint for the skill.

Stat Caps

The U.A.F. scenario has the following base stat caps:

Newest Characters
Winning Ticket
Newest Supports
Air Shakur
Neo Universe
Current Events
Upcoming Events
Latest Scenario
Random Affiliate Merch