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Aoharu Hai Scenario

By Gertas & robflop
Last updated on 2023-01-23

Aoharu Hai was once a traditional team competition at Tracen Academy. However, the tides of time have not been kind to this event, as it hasn't been held in a long time...

At least until now. At the request of the students, the Aoharu Hai is to be revived, and Uma Musume who were once rivals will join hands in this exciting competition!

At the same time, Chairman Akikawa has been called away on a long-term business trip overseas. The strict-looking URA executive, Riko Kashimoto, has been appointed as the acting chairman. Dark clouds begin to gather over the Tracen Academy...

Table of Contents

Basic information

Aoharu Hai (Aoharu Cup, also called Aoharu League in-game) is an Uma Musume scenario released on August 30, 2021. After URA Finals, it's the second permanent scenario added to the game.

The scenario was updated on January 20, 2023, expanding existing features and adding new mechanics.

As it builds on many of the mechanics from the first scenario, this article assumes you know the basics of playing the game. If you do not, please read the Beginner's Guide beforehand.

Unlike the URA Finals, where you only focus on training one character, Aoharu Hai focuses heavily on team tournaments instead. So your main character will not be the only one you'll be cheering on during the races!

Aoharu Hai can be selected in the main training menu, before choosing the trained uma. You can switch freely between Aoharu Hai and URA Finals before every training session.

New Story Characters

In the final Aoharu Hai race, you will compete against your rival team called First, which was founded by the acting chairman, Riko Kashimoto (Romi Park).

Her team will consist of Uma Musume original characters, and two of these have already been revealed - Little Cocon (Saho Shirasu, on the left) and Bitter Glasse (Aino Shimada, on the right).

Differences between the Aoharu and URA scenarios

For the most part, you can think of Aoharu Hai as URA Finals with an extra sprinkle on top. The schedule is mostly the same, as are objectives and optional races, and you will even still run in the three URA Finals races at the end of the run.

There are new mechanics added to this mode though, and basically all of them revolve around team racing, more specifically to the Aoharu Hai.

Aoharu Hai is a team competition that will happen once every six months of a training run. It's very similar to the Team Stadium, and you will be doing five races in each of the tournaments. Thus, it will be important to pay attention not only to your main character but to the entire team.

Another important difference is that your training (facility) level does not increase by simply using it as before, but it's now tied to your overall team rank.

Do note however that Aoharu Hai takes slightly longer on average, which is likely to make the URA scenario a better choice for inheritance or fan farming.

Scenario Race Factor

As you probably know, the URA Scenario has its very own (and very strong) race factor that can be randomly obtained after winning the finals, giving speed and stamina on successful inheritance.

The Aoharu Hai Scenario also has its own factor, called アオハル杯シナリオ (Aoharu Hai Scenario), which grants extra power and wisdom.

Stat Caps

The Aoharu Hai scenario has the following base stat caps:


Base Training Values

These are the base training values for the Aoharu Hai scenario. What this means is that training at the specified facility, without any support cards present and without accounting for character growth rate bonuses, will yield the following stats at facility level 1.

FacilityStat gainsEnergy
Speed+8 Speed, +4 Power, +4 SP-19
Stamina+8 Stamina, +6 Guts, +4 SP-20
Power+4 Stamina, +9 Power, +4 SP-20
Guts+3 Speed, +3 Power, +6 Guts, +4 SP-20
Wisdom+2 Speed, +6 Wisdom, +5 SP+5

Experienced players may recall the Aoharu Hai as it was prior to the update in January 2023, before these values received an overall increase.

FacilityOld Stat GainsEnergyGain Buffs
Speed+8 Speed, +4 Power, +2 SP-19+2 SP
Stamina+7 Stamina, +3 Guts, +2 SP-17+1 Stamina, +3 Guts, +2 SP, +3 Cost
Power+4 Stamina, +6 Power, +2 SP-18+3 Power, +2 SP, +2 Cost
Guts+3 Speed, +3 Power, +6 Guts, +2 SP-20+2 SP
Wisdom+2 Speed, +6 Wisdom, +3 SP+5+2 SP

Unique Skill Level-ups

The mechanic for leveling up unique skills in the Aoharu Hai scenario is equal to that of the URA Finals scenario. That means getting 60.000 fans by Valentine's Day (Early February), 70.000 fans by Early April, and 120.000 fans by Christmas (Late December) of the Senior year (the third year).

These values are 40.000, 60.000, and 80.000, respectively, for characters with high dirt aptitude but low turf aptitude (such as Haru Urara or Smart Falcon).

The April level-up also requires a green bond gauge (3 bars) with chairman Akikawa.

Aoharu mechanics

This section will describe the new mechanics from Aoharu Hai in detail.

There is also an in-game event with Tazuna as a tutorial a few turns into the run, but it won't be covered at length here. Just know that the first choice will allow you to ask Tazuna more questions about the Aoharu Hai, and the second will let you move on to the run.

Gathering team members

Of course, what a team competition needs most is team members. Thankfully these are not hard to come by during the Aoharu Hai.

In addition to the characters of your chosen support cards (excluding Friend supports), you will also be joined by the story characters Haru Urara, Rice Shower, Matikanefukukitaru, and Taiki Shuttle as well as several more random characters throughout your journey.

While the story characters will join your team relatively close to the start of a run, a few random characters will join your team after each half-yearly Aoharu Hai race.

It is important to note however, that the only team members that possess a bond gauge will be your chosen support cards. The other team members do not have these gauges, and as such cannot be used in friendship trainings (also known as "rainbows"). They can still participate in Aoharu Special Training and Spirit Explosion, also explained below.

Aoharu Team Races

As mentioned before, every six months of your journey through the Aoharu Hai you will face a set of races not unlike those of the team stadium (the "default" PvP mode). You can see how many more turns are left until the next set below the standard objective timer.

For these races, however, you won't be facing teams of other players, but can choose from one of three NPC teams, with the topmost being the strongest and the lowest being the weakest. Depending on which of these you choose, your own team's league rank can be raised further.

When the time has come for your first team race, you will be met with a dialogue telling you that your team has been automatically formed from your team members and will also be updated automatically for each Aoharu Hai team race you encounter.

If you want to disable this (saved for the current run only), there is a button for it on the bottom left of the team menu. In this same menu, you can also assemble groups of three for the disciplines of Short, Mile, Medium, Long and Dirt races, just like the Team Stadium.

The difference is that here, you can set characters represented by support cards (or story/random team members) as part of a race group instead of only trainable characters. The aptitudes of these non-playable members aren't always indicative of the actual trainable characters' aptitudes. Be aware of that if you're trying to plan for unreleased characters using this information.

Similar to the character you are training, the other characters will all possess their own values for the standard statuses Speed, Stamina, Power, Guts, and Wisdom, but will in addition to that also be given a rank based on an average of their statuses. These statuses as well as their rank can be raised by performing Aoharu Special Training with them. The initial values as well as their maximum are not dependent on the level or limit break of the support card.

For the race itself, you can select one of the three NPC teams. On the bottom right is the league rank that you will rise to if you can beat them, which means winning at least three of the five races. If you lose, you'll be given the option to consume an Alarm Clock for an attempt to retry. The number of Alarm Clocks you can use here is shared with character objectives.

Tazuna will also give you an overview of your chances of beating the selected team in each of the respective disciplines. Be aware that your league rank will decrease if you lose, so take this as an indicator of who to pick as your opponent. To be generally on the safe side, you want to see at least three circles in total here.

If you're on the fourth Aoharu race and have managed to reach a league rank of 10 or higher as well as a team rank of A or higher and triggered at least one Zenith Spirit Explosion, you'll be given the option to race against a "powerhouse team" (強豪チーム) here. These will be highlighted by a pink background and are named after Greek gods and goddesses, so they're easy to spot. Winning against this powerhouse team will award you with stat bonuses and allows you to face a strengthened First (the team of Riko Kashimoto) in the Aoharu Hai finals.

After confirming, you will enter the team race menu and begin to race. The pink button on the left allows you to view the main race (the race with the character you are training) in full, whereas the right button only shows you the results for all five races. You cannot view the non-main races.

Each Aoharu Hai team race ends with a summary of your result and a few new random characters joining your team, to be used in following status trainings and other team races. This summary screen is where you can use Alarm Clocks via the bottom left button if you lose.

Special Training

In the URA scenario, the only characters that can appear in a training are your support cards and the story characters. In the Aoharu scenario, all your team members can show up.

Sometimes, your team members (including your support cards) will have a white flame icon in the top right corner. That means that they're available for the Special Training.

If you do the training with them (while they have the icon), the team member's spirit gauge will increase, and they will gain some stats. The stat increase will happen in all categories, but an extra bonus will be given to the specializations of the facility you did the training in (for example, doing speed training will yield extra speed and power).

Stats are crucial for improving their personal abilities for the league races (and raising your overall team level), and the Spirit gauge is used to trigger the spirit explosion.

Spirit Explosion

When a team member's spirit gauge is full, the next Special Training with them will unleash a Spirit Explosion.

Spirit Explosions do three things - give a big stat boost to the team member, a moderate stat boost to your trained character, and also provide you with a random skill hint.

If the team member is a support card, the skill will be randomly selected from the support card's hint pool. If it's an NPC, that character's R card hint pool will be used. If a card has no hints, a random one will be awarded based on your character's A aptitudes.

The stat boosts will depend on where the spirit explosion was triggered. You don't have to trigger it at the first opportunity and can save the explosion for when the team member is in a more desirable training facility.

The stat bonus for your trained character has a cap of 50. It's separate from other stat gains, meaning you can get over 100 stats in one training.

All the explosions are additive with each other, meaning you don't get any extra bonuses for doing 2 or more simultaneously.

After triggering a normal Spirit Explosion, an additional Spirit Explosion, the so-called "Zenith Spirit Explosion", will become available for that team member. These will do all the things that a normal one does, but also reduce the training's failure chance to 0%, raise the member's stat caps, and provide you with a hint for the Aoharu Ignition skill corresponding to the training facility it was triggered on. This hint is by default at level 1, and will increase based on the support card's Hint Lv. Bonus effect.

Aoharu Hai Finals

After four Aoharu team races, you will challenge Riko Kashimoto's team First in the Aoharu finals. If you've beaten the powerhouse team in the previous team race, First will be further strengthened, and its visuals will change from red to blue flames.

Beating team First will make Little Cocon and Bitter Glasse appear as opponents in the URA Finals final race. Winning against the strengthened team will also raise your chances of receiving the Aoharu Scenario factor at the end of the training run and allow you to get new "+" versions of the Aoharu scenario skill factors.

Training Levels

Unlike the previous scenario, the levels of the training facilities are not tied to how many times you've trained in them, but instead depend on your team stat rank for that particular type of training. That means that strengthening your team will directly affect the amount of stats you get from training.

This is how the training facility level is determined:

RankTraining Level

So for example, if your team rank for speed is A, your speed training facility level will be 4.


During an Aoharu Hai training run, you will get multiple opportunities to obtain scenario-related skills.

Aoharu Special Skills

Awarded in the Senior Class, second half of November. The skill is randomly picked from your highest team stat rank.

Triggering 4 to 9 total spirit explosions during the run awards you with a normal rarity skill hint. The hint will be level 1 for 4-6 explosions, and level 3 for 7-9.

If you trigger at least 10 explosions, you will instead be awarded the appropriate rare (gold) skill hint. The hint will be level 1 for 10–12 explosions and level 3 for 13 or more.

All of these have factors, just like other skills. In addition, enhanced "+" factors exist for these. They can be obtained by beating the strengthened team First in the Aoharu finals.

Team Names

You can pick a name for your team during the Junior Class, second half of September. The Character must be either your trained uma, or one of your support cards, otherwise you can't select the corresponding team name. If you manage to win the Aoharu Finals, you will get a gold skill depending on your team name.

CharacterJP NameEN nameGold skill
Matikanefukukitaruハレノヒ・ランナーズSunny Day Runners
Haru UraraにんじんぷりんCarrot Pudding
Rice ShowerブルームスBlooms
None of aboveキャロッツCarrots

S and S+ Team Rank

If you manage to get an S rank in overall team stats, you will automatically get an event that awards a hint for the skill. This hint is normally at level 1, but will be level 3 if you're training one of the scenario story characters (e.g. Haru Urara).

Reaching S+ rank will allow you to get another hint for the skill. This means you can max out the hint by reaching S+ rank with one of the scenario link characters.

Aoharu Scenario Update TL;DR

If you already know the scenario and don't want to re-read the whole guide, here are the most important changes from the January of 2023 update:

  • New Spirit Explosions: Zenith Spirit Explosions (極・アオハル魂爆発)
    • Can be triggered for each member once after their normal Spirit Explosion
    • Will improve member's stats and their stat caps, as well as your character's stats
    • Gives a skill hint for the Aoharu Ignition skill of the facility it was triggered on
    • Will reduce the failure chance of the current training to 0%
  • Aoharu team races now allow the usage of Alarm Clocks on loss
  • Special Trainings and Spirit Explosions will no longer cost additional energy
  • Hints gained from Spirit Explosions are now selected from the support card's hint pool (R card pool of the character for NPCs, random aptitude-based hint for cards without hints)
  • Powerhouse teams (強豪チーム) during the 4th Aoharu team race
    • Can appear if your league rank is at least 10, your team rank is at least A, and you have triggered at least one Zenith Spirit Explosion
    • Winning allows facing a strengthened team First in the Aoharu finals
    • Are indicated by a pink background and a team name based on Greek gods
  • Strengthened team First in the Aoharu finals
    • Will show up if you defeat the powerhouse team in the fourth Aoharu team race
    • Beating this team will make it easier to get the Aoharu scenario factor at the end of the run, and allows you to get "+" versions of the Aoharu scenario skill factors
    • Indicated by blue instead of red flames in the screen before the race
  • Team rank S+
    • New team rank after the previous maximum rank S
    • Will award another hint for the (including the potential scenario link bonus)
  • Base training values have been adjusted
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