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Make a New Track Scenario

By Gertas & robflop
Last updated on 2022-03-22

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Basic Information

Make a New Track is a new Uma Musume scenario released on February 24, 2022. After URA Finals and Aoharu Hai, it's the third permanent scenario added to the game.

Its mechanics are quite different from the previous scenarios, so while knowledge about the basics of playing the game is required, you do not need to know any information about the Aoharu Hai scenario to play this one. Please read the Beginner's Guide first if you need a refresher on the basics.

The Make a New Track scenario revolves around races. There are no character-specific objectives in this scenario like in the previous two, and you will instead be tasked with collecting Grade Points (成績Pt) before reaching specific deadlines.

This means that characters are not locked out from any race due to conflicts with pre-scheduled objectives, and can now get all race-related trophies in the game.

There are a total of 4 objectives for this scenario. The first one has you participate in the Debut race as usual. The second objective requires you to collect 60 Grade Points, and the third and fourth both need 300 Grade Points.

For characters with high dirt aptitude but low turf aptitude (such as Haru Urara), the second objective requires 30 Grade Points instead of 60 and the third objective requires 200 Grade Points instead of 300. For turf characters with low aptitudes for all distance other than short-distance (such as Curren Chan), the third objective will require 200 Grade Points of 300.

Surplus points from a previous objective do not carry over. You need to collect these after the start of each objective.

Unlike the previous two scenarios, there are no new original characters connected to this scenario, and there is no Scenario Link mechanic attached to it.

Grade Points and Shop Coins

As you've probably guessed, you can get Grade Points by participating in races—any races. The number of Grade Points you can gain via a specific race is indicated by the Star icon with the letters "Pt" on it in the race selection, and depends on its grade rather than on the specific race.

If you don't win the race, you will still be awarded Grade Points, but the number will be proportionally lower based on your final placement, similar to fan gain.

The same goes for Shop Coins (ショップコイン), another new addition to Make a New Track that you can get by participating in races. These are indicated by a green circle icon with a fan on it. Races of all grades award 100 Shop Coins for placing first, and proportionally less for placing worse than that.

Here is a breakdown of how many Grade Points you will gain for placing first across different race grades, and how many Shop Coins you'll obtain depending on your position:

Race GradeGrade Points
PlacementShop Coins
2nd or 3rd60
4th or 5th30
6th and lower0

Special Shop and Items

As just mentioned, participating in races will grant not only Grade Points, but also Shop Coins. These coins can then be spent in the Special Shop, the button of which is located between the Race and Outing button of the main menu. This will be locked before the debut.

The items you buy here can grant various bonuses to your current run. The lineup for the shop is randomized, and will change every 6 turns. You can confirm when the lineup will change by opening the Special Shop menu and checking the top of the purchase button.

You can't hold more than five copies of an item at once.

Additionally, the shop may sometimes offer limited items, whose availability is separate from the rest of the lineup, or sales, during which you can get items at a 10-20% discount.

Limited items will be indicated on the top right of the button and ongoing sales will be indicated on the top left of the shop button. In the below image, there is both a sale ongoing, as well as limited items being available for three more turns.

You can view or use your items by clicking the button to the left of the character overview button on the main menu (right above the counter for the Wisdom status).

Alternatively, there's the same button in the shop menu, also located to the left of the character overview button (right above the shop's lineup of items).

Items that span several turns cannot be used while their effect is still going on, and items that improve a specific type of status training for a single turn can only be used once a turn.

Using an item of a lower grade and then using an item of a higher grade will overwrite the effect, wasting the lower grade one. If you use an item of higher grade first, using an item of lower grade while the effect of the former is active is not possible.

The effects of items that raise the level of training facilities and those that raise bonds are permanent for that training run and cannot be lost. Conditions gained through items will persist until they are lost some other way (such as losing Good Training through failing a training).

Here is a breakdown of all items that can appear in the Special Shop, including their names, cost and effects:


10スピードのメモ帳Speed +3
10スタミナのメモ帳Stamina +3
10パワーのメモ帳Power +3
10根性のメモ帳Guts +3
10賢さのメモ帳Wisdom +3
15スピード戦術書Speed +7
15スタミナ戦術書Stamina +7
15パワー戦術書Power +7
15根性戦術書Guts +7
15賢さ戦術書Wisdom +7
30スピード秘伝書Speed +15
30スタミナ秘伝書Stamina +15
30パワー秘伝書Power +15
30根性秘伝書Guts +15
30賢さ秘伝書Wisdom +15

Energy and Motivation

35バイタル20Energy +20
55バイタル40Energy +40
75バイタル65Energy +65
70ロイヤルビタージュースEnergy +100, Motivation -1
30エネドリンクMAXMaximum energy +4, Energy +5
50ロングエネドリンクMAXMaximum energy +8
30プレーンカップケーキMotivation +1
55スイートカップケーキMotivation +2


10おいしい猫缶Yayoi Akikawa's bond +5
40にんじんBBQセットAll Support card bonds +5

Get Good Conditions

150プリティーミラーGet Charming ○ status effect
150名物記者の双眼鏡Get Rising Star status effect
150効率練習のススメGet Good Practice ○ status effect
280博学帽子Get Sharp status effect

Heal Bad Conditions

15すやすや安眠枕Heal Insomnia
15ポケットスケジュール帳Heal Lazy Habit
15うるおいハンドクリームHeal Rough Skin
15スリムスキャナーHeal Overweight
15アロマディフューザーHeal Migraine
15練習改善DVDHeal Bad Practice
40ナンデモナオールHeal all negative status effects

Training Facilities

150スピードトレーニング嘆願書Speed Training Level +1
150スタミナトレーニング嘆願書Stamina Training Level +1
150パワートレーニング嘆願書Power Training Level +1
150根性トレーニング嘆願書Guts Training Level +1
150賢さトレーニング嘆願書Wisdom Training Level +1
20リセットホイッスルShuffle support card distribution

Training Effects

40チアメガホンTraining bonus +20% for 4 turns
55スパルタメガホンTraining bonus +40% for 3 turns
70ブートキャンプメガホンTraining bonus +60% for 2 turns
50スピードアンクルウェイトSpeed training bonus +50%, Energy consumption +20% (One turn)
50スタミナアンクルウェイトStamina training bonus +50%, Energy consumption +20% (One turn)
50パワーアンクルウェイトPower training bonus +50%, Energy consumption +20% (One turn)
50根性アンクルウェイトGuts training bonus +50%, Energy consumption +20% (One turn)
40健康祈願のお守りTraining failure rate set to 0% (One turn)


25蹄鉄ハンマー・匠Race bonus +20% (One turn)
40蹄鉄ハンマー・極Race bonus +35% (One turn)
15三色ペンライトRace fan gain +50% (One turn)


Sometimes, a random race will feature a "rival". Whenever at least one race with a rival is available, a red and blue jagged speech bubble with "VS" written on it as well as a shimmering effect will be visible on the race button in the main menu.

Winning against a rival will award you with one random skill hint related to either the distance of the race or the strategy you used in it. The game counts placing 1st against a rival as a win, placing better than them but not 1st as a draw, and placing lower than them as a loss, similar to legend races.

Twinkle Star Climax

The final part of the Make a New Track scenario is called the Twinkle Star Climax. It's separated into three individual races.

Unlike the previous scenarios, the finals here are not an elimination tournament, but more of a mini-league in which you fight for the top spot on a leaderboard. Whoever sits at the top of the leaderboard at the end of all three races wins.

You don't always need to win all three races, as long as you still have the most Victory Points and thus the first spot on the leaderboard by the end of the third Twinkle Star Climax race.

Each of the Twinkle Star Climax races gives a maximum of 10 Victory Points (勝利Pt) for the first place, resulting in a maximum of 30 Victory Points for winning all three. Victory Points are indicated by a rainbow-colored star with "Pt" written on it.

The distance and terrain of the Twinkle Star Climax are decided by the races you participated in throughout the three years of training, similar to both the URA Finals and the Aoharu Hai scenarios.

Winning the Twinkle Star Climax will award you with a hint for the skill. Hints for the normal version of this skill, , can also be obtained via training events related to unique skill level-ups throughout the event; see below.

Here is a breakdown of what placement will award you with how many Victory Points:

PlacementVictory Points
14th and worse0

Unique Skill Level-ups

The level-up condition of unique skills in Make a New Track differs from both the URA Finals and the Aoharu Hai.

In Make a New Track, a training event to determine the "Junior/Classic/Senior Horsegirl of the Year" will occur in late December of each year of training. If your character is picked to be the horsegirl of the year, your unique skill will receive a level-up, and you will receive a hint for the skill .

So far, whether your girl is picked or not seems to be based on both the bond level of chairman Yayoi Akikawa as well as some combination of fan count and number of races won within the respective years. How many fans and races are necessary for each year is still unclear, so simply try to win a few races every year for now.

Here is a breakdown of what bond level you need for the chairman for each of the years:

YearBond level
Junior Year (1st)Blue bond (1 bar)
Classics Year (2nd)Blue bond (2 bars)
Senior Year (3rd)Green bond (3 bars)

Base Training Values

These values apply at facility level 1 with no supports on the training.

FacilityStat gainsEnergy
Speed+8 Speed, +4 Power, +2 SP-19
Stamina+7 Stamina, +3 Guts, +2 SP-17
Power+4 Stamina, +6 Power, +2 SP-18
Guts+3 Speed, +3 Power, +6 Guts, +2 SP-20
Wisdom+2 Speed, +6 Wisdom, +3 SP+5

Training Levels

Similar to the URA Finals scenario, the level of training facilities in Make a New Track will rise depending on how often you train at it. All facilities start at level 1 and level up every four times they are used. That is to say, training Speed four times will raise its level from 1 to 2, another four training will increase the level from 2 to 3, and so forth. This goes on until level 5.

Unlike the URA Finals scenario, the level of training facilities can also be raised by using new items specific to this scenario. They can be bought in the Special Shop and will permanently raise the level of their respective training facility by one for the remainder of this training run.

Character-specific Events

As of writing this article, character-specific events, such as Narita Brian winning the Triple Crown giving her a +5 Bonus to all statuses, 50 Skill Points, and 4 random skill hints, cannot be triggered in Make a New Track. Right now, it's unknown whether this is a bug or intended.

Scenario-specific Nicknames

The Make a New Track scenario includes several scenario-specific nicknames. When you achieve these, a special event with chairman Akikawa Yayoi occurs, and you will be granted various bonuses. You can find a list of these nicknames, their requirements and the bonuses in the nickname list.

Scenario Factor

The Scenario factor that can be gotten from Make a New Track is called "Climax Scenario" and will grant Stamina and Guts on successful inheritance.

Stat Caps

The Make a New Track scenario has the following base stat caps:

Newest Characters
Jungle Pocket
Current Events
Upcoming Events
Latest Scenario
Random Affiliate Merch