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Great Food Festival Scenario

By robflop & Gertas
Created on 2024-06-26

Table of Contents

Basic Information

"Harvesting! Feasting! Great Food Festival" (for short: GFF) is the eighth permanent training scenario introduced to the game. It was released on June 26, 2024.

As with other scenarios, it builds on the game's core mechanics, so this guide will assume you have a basic understanding of how to play. If you do not, or you'd like a refresher, please read the Beginner's Guide before proceeding with this guide.

For a more detailed explanation of this scenario's mechanics and some strategic advice, you can also check out celery's GFF guide.

Special Week, Hishi Akebono, Rice Shower, Nishino Flower, Katsuragi Ace, and Akikawa Yayoi are scenario-linked for the GFF scenario.

Using a scenario-linked character will increase the amount of vegetables you get at the start of the run from 50 each to 75 each. You will also gain slightly more vegetables when training.

Using scenario-linked support cards grants three benefits:

  • The skill hints gained by achieving Great Success when cooking a dish will be increased by one level.
  • You can cook a specialty dish associated with the scenario-linked character (except for Yayoi, who doesn't have one) during the Senior year of training.
  • During the 「それぞれの食」 training event (Early October of the Senior year), the skill you get will be upgraded from normal to gold if the associated character is scenario-linked.

Character-specific (hidden) events can trigger normally in this scenario, including character-specific bad condition triggers, and any of the events that award the skill.

Character Objectives

In the GFF scenario, every character follows their own race objective schedule. You will be presenting your dishes in Cooking Challenges every 6 months starting from Late December of the Junior year, but these do not obstruct or modify any normal objectives.

Skill Evolution and Scenario-specific Skills

The GFF scenario's special evolution skills are the following:

  • (evolved from )
  • (evolved from )
  • (evolved from )
  • (evolved from )
  • (evolved from )
  • (evolved from )

You can pick two of these evolutions at the end of the run, if you've learned their base rare skill during the training and satisfied the evolution requirements. These evolutions are exclusive to this scenario. They can be accessed regardless of what character you are training.

The evolution requirement for the , , and skills is the same, which is achieving Great Satisfaction in all Cooking Challenges (i.e. Tasting Parties and the Great Food Festival).

To evolve to the and skills, you will have to achieve Great Satisfaction at the Great Food Festival (the final Cooking Challenge) and learn two Short-distance skills.

The skill also requires Great Satisfaction at the Great Food Festival, plus two Short-distance OR two Mile skills.

Aside from these scenario-bound evolutions, all characters can evolve their respective awakening rare skills through the usual conditions, resulting in a total of 4 possible skill evolutions per run. There are no alternative scenario-specific evolution conditions for the normal character evolutions.

As for scenario-specific skills, you can get a level 1 hint for the skill by achieving Great Satisfaction in the Great Food Festival, and level 1 hints for the and skills during the end-of-run training events.

Whether you receive the normal or rare version of the latter skill depends on whether you achieved Great Satisfaction in the Great Food Festival or not—achieving Super Satisfaction will additionally raise its hint level from 1 to 3.

List of Dishes

Here's a list of all dishes you can cook in the GFF scenario. Not all of these are unlocked at the same time, so we'll split them into sections.

The ingredients you use to cook them are carrots, garlic, potatoes, chili peppers, and strawberries - we will use their icons in the below table to make things easier to recognize at a glance. Let's ignore that this scenario calls strawberries vegetables.

The effects of a dish are active only for the turn during which you cook it.

Available from the start

A Great Success when cooking these dishes will award you with:

  • A skill hint from one of your support cards
  • A random chance to recover 10 Energy

+25% Training Bonus for Speed/Power/Wisdom
+2 Bond to everyone
+250 Cooking Points

Vegetable Curry
+25% Training Bonus for Speed/Stamina/Guts
+2 Bond to everyone
+250 Cooking Points

Available after the first Tasting Party (Start of Classic Year)

A Great Success when cooking these dishes will award you with:

  • A skill hint from one of your support cards
  • A random chance at recovering 10 Energy
  • A random chance for another support card to appear in the current training facility

Carrot and Potato Pot-au-feu
+50% Training Bonus for Speed
+500 Cooking Points

Garlic Ramen
+50% Training Bonus for Stamina
+500 Cooking Points

Potato Garlic Pizza
+50% Training Bonus for Power
+500 Cooking Points

Potato and Carrot Mapo Tofu
+50% Training Bonus for Guts
+500 Cooking Points

Strawberry Ice Cream with Carrot Flavor
+50% Training Bonus for Wisdom
+500 Cooking Points

Available after the third Tasting Party (Start of Senior Year)

These dishes are simply upgraded versions of the previous dishes, with higher costs and better effects.

If you cook with Great Success here and are using a support card of the corresponding character, you'll instead cook their specialty dish.

A Great Success when cooking these dishes will award you with:

  • A skill hint from one of your support cards
  • A random chance at recovering 10 Energy
  • A random chance for another support card to appear in the current training facility
  • A random chance to get a +1 Motivation increase

Chunky Carrot Pot-au-feu / Heavenly Pot-au-feu Hot Spring
+80% Training Bonus for Speed
+30% Race Bonus
+800 Cooking Points

Whole Garlic Ramen / Mount Garlic Ramen
+80% Training Bonus for Stamina
+30% Race Bonus
+800 Cooking Points

Fluffy Potato Garlic Pizza / Beyond the 2400m Dream
+80% Training Bonus for Power
+30% Race Bonus
+800 Cooking Points

Extra Spicy Potato and Carrot Mapo Tofu / Attack! Onigashima Mapo Tofu
+80% Training Bonus for Guts
+30% Race Bonus
+800 Cooking Points

Double Strawberry Carrot Ice Cream / Carrot au Glace Fraise
+80% Training Bonus for Wisdom
+30% Race Bonus
+800 Cooking Points

Available after the Great Food Festival (During URA Finals)

You will unlock one new dish in the URA Finals: The G1 Plate.

If you've achieved Super Satisfaction during the Great Food Festival (i.e. reached 12000 Cooking Points before it), the costs will be reduced by 20 for each vegetable.

Additionally, its Training Bonus and Race Bonus effects will be raised by +5% for every vegetable you have leveled to 5.

A Great Success will not award you with any additional bonuses here.

G1 Plate
+150% Training Bonus
+70% Race Bonus
+25 Energy
+1 Motivation (random chance)
Supports may appear in multiple facilities
+1000 Cooking Points
100 (80)100 (80)100 (80)100 (80)100 (80)

Base Training Values

DisciplineStat gainsEnergy
Speed+11 Speed, +2 Power, +5 SP-19
Stamina+8 Stamina, +5 Guts, +5 SP-20
Power+4 Stamina, +9 Power, +5 SP-20
Guts+2 Speed, +2 Power, +10 Guts, +5 SP-20
Wisdom+2 Speed, +8 Wisdom, +5 SP+5

Unique Skill Level-Ups

The mechanic for leveling up your character's unique skill in the GFF scenario is the same as in the URA Finals scenario, with all checkpoints being in the Senior (i.e. third) year: 60.000 fans by Valentine's Day (Early February) 70.000 fans by the Fan Appreciation Festival (Early April) 120.000 fans by Christmas (Late December)

For characters with high dirt aptitude but low turf aptitude (such as Haru Urara or Smart Falcon), these values are lowered to 40.000, 60.000, and 80.000, respectively.

The April level-up also requires a green bond gauge (3 bars) with chairman Akikawa. This is regardless of whether you are using her as a support card or if she's just a scenario NPC.

Scenario Factors

The GFF scenario features five base scenario factors, one for each type of vegetable. All of them are available in the usual 1-3 star variants.

  • GFF Scenario: Carrot (「豊食祭シナリオ・にんじん」) gives Speed and SP
  • GFF Scenario: Garlic (「豊食祭シナリオ・にんにく」) gives Stamina and SP
  • GFF Scenario: Potato (「豊食祭シナリオ・じゃがいも」) gives Power and SP
  • GFF Scenario: Chili Pepper (「豊食祭シナリオ・唐辛子」) gives Guts and SP
  • GFF Scenario: Strawberry (「豊食祭シナリオ・いちご」) gives Wisdom and SP

They also feature an additional effect - if you trigger any combination of three scenario factors during one of the two inheritance events, you will be awarded a hint for the skill.

Two examples of these factors in-game can be seen here:

Stat Caps

The GFF scenario has the following base stat caps:

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