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League of Heroes Event

The League of Heroes (LoH) event is a tournament event in which you'll use a team of three characters to compete against other trainers and raise your League Score with the goal of achieving a higher League Rank. The top 96 teams by League Score will then be allowed to participate in the event's finale, so do your best to rack up that score! Worry not however, as everyone will be able to receive various rewards, regardless of participation in the finale.

League System

Excluding the team sign-up period, the LoH is split into a Main Stage (「メインステージ」) and an Extra Stage (「エクストラステージ」), with the Main Stage forming the bulk of the event and the Extra Stage serving as the finale. The conditions of these races will always be the same, apart from certain aspects like weather and track condition that may be randomized per race.

Main Stage

The Main Stage lasts for 6 days. During it, you will be able to use League Tickets to enter sets of five races with three characters of your choice. One ticket will allow you to do a set of five races each and you'll receive five such tickets each day at noon JST, with a maximum capacity of 10 tickets. These races will feature a total of 12 characters, 6 of those being NPCs and 3 being the team of one rival trainer, and will be under the exact same conditions, apart from weather and terrain condition, as these two will be randomized each set. You'll be matched with players of similar League Rank.

For each race, you will get League Score (「リーグスコア」) points depending on the placement of your characters.

The League Score awarded for each specific placement is as follows:

PlacementLeague Score
1st100 pt
2nd60 pt
3rd40 pt
4th30 pt
5th20 pt
6th - 12th10 pt

The ranks you can reach during the LoH are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each rank has four levels (e.g. Bronze I, Bronze II, Bronze III and Bronze IV), making for a total of 16 ranks. From Bronze I to Bronze IV, you will be able to participate in Main Stage matches without using League Tickets, but you also won't receive rewards for individual matches.

The League Score required to reach each rank is as follows:

League RankLeague Score
Bronze I0pt
Bronze II1,000 pt
Bronze III2,000 pt
Bronze IV3,000 pt
Silver I4,000 pt
Silver II5,500 pt
Silver III7,000 pt
Silver IV8,500 pt
Gold I10,000 pt
Gold II12,500 pt
Gold III15,000 pt
Gold IV17,500 pt
Platinum I20,000 pt
Platinum II23,000 pt
Platinum III26,000 pt
Platinum IV30,000 pt

Once you reach the Silver I threshold of 4000 League Score within a match, you will temporarily be unable to get more League Score within this set of races, only starting again from the next match. Your Hero Gauge (explained below) will also be maxed out for the next match.

For example, if you currently have 3500 League Score and start a match, then get 200 points in the first two races and 100 points in the third, you land at a total of 4000 points and will be unable to get any more League Score in the fourth and fifth race of this match. The races of the next match will award you with League Score as usual.

Each time you raise your rank, you will obtain rewards such as Jewels and other various items. You can view the list of rewards by clicking the present icon on the bottom right of the League of Heroes main menu.

After reaching the Platinum IV reward, every further 2000 League Score you obtain will reward you with a fixed reward of 100 Jewels, 3 Goddess Statues, 10000 Money and 5000 Support Points.

In addition to the rank rewards, you can also obtain a special, character-specific title for one of your characters! Repeatedly obtaining this title for the same character will add a ★ symbol to its name for each time you obtain it (one star being twice, and so forth).

There are two ways a character can qualify for this title:

  • The character reaches an individual result of at least 4000 League Score.
  • The character is within your top 3 scorers when you reach the Platinum I rank (with at least 1 League Score).

Note that for the second condition, the qualified characters will be snapshotted after reaching Platinum I, and can't change after that. Meaning that whoever was in your top 3 when reaching 20000 League Score will be qualified.

After reaching Platinum I, you'll be able to select ONE character from the qualified characters. She will receive the title after the end of the Main Stage.

During the Main Stage races, you may use race-specific items such as the Teru Teru Bozu or the Outer Block Lottery Ball. You can use each of these items three times within a single day.

These races will also fill up your "Hero Gauge" (「ヒーローゲージ」), which, when completely filled, will allow you to gain one of several "Hero Skills" (「ヒーロースキル」) that will be active for the 5 races of the next League Ticket you use. If your currently activated hero skill's conditions can be met by using one such item, you can use the item without using up one of its daily three slots.

Clicking on the "i" will allow you to see what actions fill up the Hero Gauge by how much. You get 4 each time you participate in a LoH race, and the worse (not best) you rank in races, the more extra points you will get, as a sort of consolation.

The following skills are available as Hero Skills:

  • ボルテージヒーロー
  • サンライズヒーロー
  • レイニーヒーロー
  • インサイドヒーロー
  • アウトサイドヒーロー
  • リンケージヒーロー
  • スパートヒーロー

Extra Stage

Once the Main Stage concludes, trainers whose teams have reached the top 96 in terms of League Score will be allowed to participate in the Extra Stage. One Extra Stage race will be held per 4 teams, making for a total of 24 Extra Stage races, split into two groups of A and B with 12 races each. The conditions for these races will follow the same pattern as those in the Main Stage, with the weather and terrain condition varying for each of the Extra Stage races, but other conditions being equal.

Participation in any of the Extra Stage races will award the girls you've sent out with the "SUPER HERO" nickname. You don't need to win for this, only participate.

The 11th race of each group is considered its main race, including the highest trainer teams of the overall group. That is to say, Group A Race 11 will contain the top 1 - top 4 ranked teams, and Group B Race 11 will contain the top 5 - top 8 ranked teams. Watching these main races will award you with 30 Jewels and participating in them will award you with one Teru Teru Bouzu item, but there are otherwise no further rewards in the Extra Stage past the Main Stage.

Those outside the top 96 will be able to spectate these races instead, and can receive 50 Jewels by pressing the "Like!" (「ウマいね!」) button for characters participating in the 24 Extra Stage races. You can only like one character per race, and can only receive a reward for doing so once in each block, making for a total of 100 Jewels.

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