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Grand Live Scenario

By robflop & Gertas
Last updated on 2022-10-03

Welcome to Um@musume: Horseshoe Girls! As a producer of the idol production company 564PRO, your tasks will consist of... what? Wrong series, you say? Well, let's try that again then.

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Basic Information

"Connect, Illuminate, Shine. Our Grand Live!" (for short: Grand Live), released on August 24th, 2022, is the fourth training scenario to be added to the Uma Musume game.

In this scenario, unlike the previous ones, the idol aspect of the game takes center stage (pun intended) and has you perform various tasks related to concerts and songs. You can and will still do races, but both gameplay-wise and narratively, these will not be as relevant as before.

As you may figure based on that description, its gameplay mechanics are quite different from the previous scenarios, which means you do not need to know how to play the others aside from being familiar with the gameplay basics also present in the URA Finals. Please read the Beginner's Guide first if you need a refresher on these.

This scenario marks the return of the Scenario Link mechanic, featuring Silence Suzuka, Agnes Tachyon, Smart Falcon, Mihono Bourbon, and Light Hello, a new original NPC introduced in the story of Grand Live.

Character-specific secret events are also back, such as winning the Sprinter Stakes twice with Sakura Bakushin O.


Grand Live narratively focuses on the revival of the titular "Grand Live", a big fan appreciation festival that was once regularly held in the past. Instead of only focusing on the winner of a race, this event features many horsegirls in the central role.

For this purpose, you will be joined by the scenario link characters, including Light Hello (ライトハロー). She is an event producer and a horsegirl herself, voiced by Kana Ueda.

Grand Live Mechanics

Before being able to revive the Grand Live and turn it into a great success (大成功), you must successfully carry out a set of four Promotional Lives, held every six months starting from late December of the first year.

To achieve this, you will have to raise the "Expectation Level" (期待度) gauge of each live by using the new Lesson mechanic, which will be explained later.


At the start of a training run, inheritance (parent selection) typically grants extra stats and improved aptitudes. In Grand Live, it will also raise your stat caps (both at the start of the run and during inheritance events).

The stat uncaps received at the start of the run are based on the blue factors of the parents. A one-star blue factor will uncap its corresponding stat by 4, a two-star factor by 9, and a three-star factor by 16. In total, you can get a maximum of 48 stat points uncapped with one 9* parent.

Unlike previously, unique skill (green) factors triggering during inheritance events will now also give stat uncaps (but no flat stats) besides the skill hint. Which uncaps they give will depend on the stat growth bonuses of the character the unique skill is from.

For example, Vodka's Cutting × DRIVE! factor will give Speed and Power uncaps, as she has a 10% Speed and 20% Power bonus.

The value of the uncaps received during inheritance events from blue and green factors seems to be randomized within a range of values, similar to flat stat gains. The exact ranges are yet unknown.


In Grand Live, apart from the basic stats (Speed, Stamina, Power, Guts, Wisdom), you will also gather a new set of performance tokens called Dance, Passion, Vocal, Visual, and Mental.

These tokens are initially capped at 200 each and can be obtained in training alongside stats.

While there is no set correspondence of which training facility will give which performance token, each has a primary and secondary token that they are more likely to provide you with.

Here is a table showing the training facilities with their respective primary and secondary token types:

FacilityPrimary TokenSecondary Token

Based on testing done so far, an estimate is that a facility will give you tokens of its primary type around 60% of the time, tokens of its secondary type around 30% of the time, and tokens of any other type as the remaining 10% of the time.

This distribution is random for each turn. As a result, there can be turns where no training gives a specific token.

Example Turns

Let's have a look at some concrete examples of training gains. All of them were taken using a level one training facility.

The first example has no support cards present.

The second one has precisely one support card, a scenario link character. Training with supports in the same facility increases the number of tokens you can get, with scenario-linked supports giving more than "normal" ones.

The third image illustrates friendship (rainbow) training. In Grand Live, friendship training grants two performance token types instead of one (for example, Vocal and Visual from a single training). A non-scenario link character is present in this case.

The last example combines the previous two bonuses and shows a friendship (rainbow) training with a scenario link character.

Aside from this, training is identical to the URA Finals scenario.


Lessons are a new mechanic unique to Grand Live, with which you can spend your performance tokens to learn Live Techniques or practice new songs to play in Promotion Lives. Song lessons (楽曲) will have their cover on the left, whereas Live Technique lessons (ライブテクニック) will display various icons related to stats and the like.

The list of available lessons will stay static until you decide to complete one of the three. Once this happens, the list will refresh, allowing you to do multiple lessons in a single training turn.

The button to access the lesson menu is located between the outing and race buttons of the home menu. It will be locked until the fifth turn of the training run, which is when the 「グランドライブ再建計画、開始!」training event happens, signaling the start of the Grand Live mechanics.

Practicing songs in lessons will raise the Expectation Level gauge, influencing the success of the Promotional Lives and the Grand Live. This is the primary way of working towards fulfilling the Grand Live-specific objectives (separate from the usual character objectives). Three songs are required to fill the Expectation Level gauge fully. Automatically gained songs also count for this.

When you lack performance tokens for a lesson, the green "confirm" button (習得) will change to a "reserve" button (予約). Once you have reserved a lesson, the game will display 「あとX」 above the token indicator on the training menu to indicate a lack of X performance tokens of that type.

In addition to gaining Live Techniques or practicing songs, lessons also have additional Practice Bonuses (習得ボーナス, two yellow up arrows) that will be awarded alongside the learned technique or practiced song when doing said lesson. These can range from stats (such as giving you 10 Speed) to skill hints or skill points.

Aside from that, song lessons also grant Live Bonuses (ライブボーナス, purple microphone below practice bonus), whose effects include, for example, increasing the likelihood of triggering support card chain events (サポート連続イベント率アップ).

These will, however, not immediately go into effect like Practice Bonuses, but rather be "queued" up for activation after the next live happens. This means that all Live Bonuses you get through lessons up until the following live will activate at once after it takes place. Lessons giving the same Live Bonuses will result in the effect being stacked, and the whole stack then activating together.

Live Bonuses will stay in effect for the entirety of the training run and have levels that can be raised by doing lessons with the same bonus. For example, doing a lesson with a Live Bonus which increases the probability of support card chain events triggering while already having this bonus on level 5 will raise its level to 6 (once the next Live happens).

You can also do lessons before character objectives alongside learning skills.

Lesson Patterns

Based on current testing, the number of Live Technique lessons before getting a Song lesson is predetermined and follows this pattern:

TimeInitial PatternLooping Pattern
Before the 1st Promo Live1-2-34-4-2-2
Before the 2nd/3rd/4th Promo Live2-2-24-5-2-2
Before the Grand Live2-2-24-3-2-2

For example, at the start of the run (before the 1st Promotional Live), it will take one technique lesson to reach a song lesson. After that, you will need to do two technique lessons before getting a song, then three, and so on. Once you hit the initial pattern's end, it will switch to the looping one.

The pattern progress will reset completely after a Live. For example, after finishing the 2nd Promotional Live, it will take two technique lessons to reach the next song, no matter where you were in the previous pattern.

With the reset in mind, it's possible to reach the selection of a song lesson before doing a Promotional Live and have it carry over to the next segment. A song carried over this way and learned after the Live will count as one point for the following initial pattern, saving you one lesson. The downside is that you won't benefit from the song buff until the next Live.

Promotional Lives and Grand Live

Promotional Lives and the Grand Live will feature songs you have practiced in lessons prior to the live. Their success depends on the Expectation Level leading up to it. You can tell when a live will happen by checking the turn countdown in the top left of the training home menu, under the countdown for the character objectives.

Depending on the outcome of a Promotional Live, you may gain more collaborators for the Grand Live. Making a Promotional Live a "Great Success" (大成功) by sufficiently raising the Expectation Level beforehand will raise your stat caps.

Lives will additionally award you 5 Skill Points for every technique lesson and 25 Skill Points for every song lesson you have taken since the previous Live. They will also raise the cap of performance tokens by 50 when successful (no matter if you achieve great or normal success).

A fully filled Expectation Level gauge will always guarantee a Great Success.

You may choose to do lessons before stepping onto the stage of a Promotional Live or the Grand Live like you would learn skills before races. This means you can try to raise the Expectation Level last-minute if you have enough tokens to get to the song lessons.

As mentioned in the section about lessons, live performances will activate the currently queued-up Live Bonuses. You can confirm these bonuses (as well as which songs will come up in the live) by clicking the Information button (the round button with an "i" in it) on top of the Expectation Level gauge in the live backstage menu.

The Grand Live will depend on the outcome of the four Promotional Lives and the Expectation Level gauge, but otherwise is not much different from a Promotional Live.

Practicing at least 18 songs before the scenario event 「歌う曲は…」 in Early December of the Senior (third) year will make a special version of "GIRLS' LEGEND U" play in the Grand Live. It will also be available for the live theater afterward.

If you practice less than 18 songs before then, you will unlock a normal version of the song instead.

Song Lessons

The Grand Live scenario features a total of three Live Bonuses, those being Friendship Bonus (友情ボーナス), Speciality Rate Up (得意率アップ) and Support Event Chance Up (サポート連続イベント率アップ). In song lessons, Practice Bonuses are either extra stat gains (a permanent bonus to all future trainings of this type, displayed in a purple bubble above normal stat gains) or plain stat bonuses (immediate and one-time only).

Not all songs can show up from the start of the run. Instead, new songs are added to the list of possible lessons after each Promotional Live.

Available from the start

Kiseki wo Shinjite!
Extra Stat Gain (Wisdom) +1
Speciality Rate Up +5

Tachiichi zero-ban! Juni wa Ichiban!
Extra Stat Gain (Speed) +1
Support Event Chance Up Lv+1

Nigekiri! Fallin' Love
Extra Stat Gain (Guts) +1
Support Event Chance Up Lv+1

Go This Way
Extra Stat Gain (Power) +1
Support Event Chance Up Lv+1

Ring Ring Diary
Extra Stat Gain (Stamina) +1
Support Event Chance Up Lv+1

Seishun ga Matteru
Power +22
Friendship Bonus +5%

Skill Pts +22
Friendship Bonus +5%

Zensoku! Zenshin! Umadol Power☆
Speed +22
Friendship Bonus +5%

Classics Year, after the 1st Promotional Live

Yume wo Kakeru!
Extra Stat Gain (Skill Pts) +2
Speciality Rate Up +5

Extra Stat Gain (Guts) +2
Speciality Rate Up +5

Bokura no Bluebird Days
Extra Stat Gain (Speed) +2
Speciality Rate Up +5

Classics Year, after the 2nd Promotional Live

Grow Up, Shine!
Extra Stat Gain (Skill Pts) +3
Support Event Chance Up Lv+1

Komorebi no Yell
Extra Stat Gain (Wisdom) +2
Support Event Chance Up Lv+1

Pyoitto ♪ Hallelujah!
Extra Stat Gain (Stamina) +2
Speciality Rate Up +5

Nanairo no Keshiki
Extra Stat Gain (Power) +2
Speciality Rate Up +5

Senior Year, after the 3rd Promotional Live

Wisdom +22
Friendship Bonus +5%

Power +22
Friendship Bonus +5%

Daisuki no Takarabako
Speed +26
Friendship Bonus +10%

Sekai wa Bokura no Iinari Sa
Stamina +22
Friendship Bonus +5%

Harusora BLUE
Guts +22
Friendship Bonus +5%

Fanfare for Future!
Guts +26
Friendship Bonus +10%

Special Songs (not available in lessons)

Make debut!
All Tokens +10
Speciality Rate Up +5

All Stats +10
Friendship Bonus +10%

All Stats +10
Friendship Bonus +10%

Total cost of all songs

You won't get any new lesson songs after the 3rd Promotional Live, so including the automatically gained specials (Make Debut! and GIRLS' LEGEND U), there's a total of 23 songs.

Practicing all available songs in a single training run will cost you the following amount of tokens:



Besides the song unlock mentioned earlier, practicing at least 18 songs before Early December of the Senior year and achieving Great Success in the Grand Live will also award you with a hint for the skill. If you practice less than 18 songs or fail to get Great Success, you will instead obtain a hint for the skill.

Additionally, the 「あなたと私を繋げるライブ」training event will trigger in Early November of the Senior (third) year if you practice 16 or more songs before then, allowing you to choose one of five lyrics lines. The first four of these are connected to a scenario link character each, and the fifth one is an unrelated standard choice.

Selecting a character-affiliated option while either training said character or using one of their support cards will allow you to get a hint for a specific gold skill; otherwise, you will get a hint for the normal version. The unaffiliated choice will always yield the same rare hint.

These hints are:

CharacterSkill Hint (Scenario Link)Skill Hint (No Link)
Smart Falcon
Mihono Bourbon
Silence Suzuka
Agnes Tachyon

Base Training Values

The base training values of the different facilities partially differ from previous scenarios.

Here is a table listing all of them at level 1 without any supports on the training and without character growth bonuses calculated in:

FacilityStat gainsToken gainEnergy
Speed+8 Speed, +4 Power, +4 SP10-19
Stamina+8 Stamina, +6 Guts, +4 SP10-20
Power+4 Stamina, +9 Power, +4 SP10-20
Guts+2 Speed, +2 Power, +7 Guts, +4 SP10-20
Wisdom+2 Speed, +6 Wisdom, +5 SP6+5

Unique Skill Level-ups

The mechanic for leveling up unique skills in Grand Live is equal to that of the URA Finals scenario. That means getting 60.000 fans by Valentine's Day (Early February), 70.000 fans by Early April, and 120.000 fans by Christmas (Late December) of the Senior year (the third year).

These values are 40.000, 60.000, and 80.000, respectively, for characters with high dirt aptitude but low turf aptitude (such as Haru Urara or Smart Falcon).

The April level-up also requires you to have a green bond gauge (3 bars) with chairman Akikawa.

Training Facility Levels

Just as in the URA Finals scenario, the level of the training facilities in Grand Live will rise depending on how often you train at it. All facilities start at level 1 and level up every four times you use them. That is to say, training Speed four times will raise its level from 1 to 2, another four training will increase the level from 2 to 3, and so forth, until level 5.

Scenario Factor

The Grand Live scenario factor is called "Grand Live Scenario" (グランドライブシナリオ) and will give you Speed and Guts when triggered during inheritance events.

Stat Caps

The Grand Live scenario has the following base stat caps:

Current Events
Upcoming Events
Latest Scenario
Random Affiliate Merch