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Racing Carnival Event

Ends April 22

Racing Carnival is a PvE event. Similar to Legend Races, the main focus is not training, but rather using your trained uma musume against NPCs.

More detailed info will be posted later, but the gist of the event is:

  • Every race uses one RP (the same energy you use to race in a Team Stadium).
  • The four Hard races are always available.
  • After every two Hard races, you will get either a Very Hard or an Extreme race.
  • If you got Very Hard three times in a row, the next one is guaranteed Extreme.
  • Participating in races will grant you Carnival Points (around 1000 for winning Hard, 2000 for Very Hard, 2500 for Extreme). Use these in the event shop.
  • If you can't win the Extreme race, you can try again with +25% stat bonus. However, this will consume additional RP.
  • Placing top 5 in a race will give your uma musume an event-specific factor that gives event-specific goodies on inheritance.
  • However, the factor this time around is pretty bad (extra stats and motivation), so unless you have troubles winning extreme, you don't have to bother with this mechanic.
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