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Trainer Exam Event

Ends March 29, 11:59 (JST)

In this event, you will clear groups of event objectives (exams). All runs need to be done in the Make a New Track scenario—simply select the Trainer exam option when starting the scenario, and your run will automatically count towards this event.

Your total exam score for the run will be the base training score, with various possible bonuses added (see below).

If you get at least Passing Grade (可), you will get several first time bonuses and unlock the next exam (if there are any available). You will also earn event coins, don't forget to spend them in the shop.

Free Course

Passing grade: 15000 (reward: 200 coins)
Good grade: 20000 (reward: 300 coins)
Excellent grade: 28000 (reward: 400 coins)

Score bonus breakdown

Get at least 1000 speed
Get at least 1000 stamina
Get at least 1000 power
Get at least 1000 guts
Get at least 1000 wisdom
Normal (white) skill bonus
Rare (gold) skill bonus
G1 race victory bonus
G2 race victory bonus
G3 race victory bonus
OP race victory bonus
Win 1 race in the TS Climax finals
Win 2 races in the TS Climax finals
Achieve an overall victory in the TS Climax
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