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Haru Urara (SSR) Support Card

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Character name
Release date
Release date: 2023-10-30
Support effects
Use the +/- buttons to view effect strengths at the desired level
Level 30
Unique EffectUnlocked at level 40
Gain Specialty Rate Up (40) when the bond gauge is at least 80
Friendship Bonus20%
Increases stats gained from friendship (rainbow) training
Race Bonus5%
Increases stat and skill point gains after finishing a race
Fan Count Bonus15%
Increases fan count increase after finishing a race
Initial Power Up20
Initial power at the start of training is increased
Starting Bond Up15
Initial bond gauge at the start of training is increased
Specialty Rate Up20
Increases probability of getting assigned to specialty training category
Motivation BonusUnlocked at level 35
Increases motivation stat bonus when training together
Power BonusUnlocked at level 45
Increases the amount of power gain when training together
Support hints
One will be randomly granted when getting a hintduring training
Stat gain
Stamina +2
Power +6
Skills from events
Will of Steel
During the Opening or Middle Leg, if you're being blocked from the front, your lane movement speed will increase and your stamina will recover
Underdog ○
Your Speed stat is increased by 40 when 4th favorite or below
Training Events
Chain Events
(❯) 先輩がんばる!
(❯❯) 修行がんばる!
(❯❯❯) 後輩がんばれ!
Random Events
Current Events
Ends December 11
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