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Air Shakur (R) Support Card

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Character name
Air Shakur
Support effects
Use the +/- buttons to view effect strengths at the desired level
Level 20
Wisdom Training Recovery Up2
Increases energy recovery (wisdom training only)
Hint Rate Up30%
Increases probability of getting hints
Hint Lv. BonusLv 2
Increases hint level from events of this card
Friendship Bonus10%
Increases stats gained from friendship training
Starting Bond Up15
Initial bond gauge at the start of training is increased
Increased Training5%
Increases stat gains when training together
Motivation Bonus15%
Increases motivation stat bonus when training together
Skill Point BonusUnlocked at level 40
Increases skill point gain when training together
Support hints
One will be randomly granted when getting a hint
during training
Chaser・When front is crowded, slightly calm down remain composed
Press the Attack
Long・Slightly increases speed when passing in the Final Leg
Chaser・Slightly widens field of vision when behind in Final Leg
Stat gain
Intelligence +6
Skill points +5
Skills from events
Keep the Pace
Slightly recover stamina when passed in the Middle Leg
Training Events
Random Events

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